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      Power Sprayer
      Gasoline Pump
      Gasoline Engine
      Grease Free Power Sprayer
      Stretcher Power Sprayer
      Trolley Power Sprayer
      Portable Power Sprayer
      Knapsack Power Sprayer
      High Pressure Washing Pump
      Cleaning Foam Tank
      Sprayer Parts
    Positions : >>Home >>About us
            HAISHUN MACHINERY(TAIZHOU)CO.,LTD is located in economy, traffic convenient Taizhou (the sprayer capital of China), Zhejiang, China. Company is the commander organization of the first sprayer association(Taizhou Jiaojiang Sprayer Association). we specialize in the research and development, producing and manufacturing of power sprayer, knapsack sprayer and washing machine. The products sell well in the domestic market, and find a good sale in more than 30 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, The middle-east, Africa, Europe and America etc., we receive good evaluation from the users.

            The company established in 2005, adopts advanced technology, scientific office procedure,and has developed into research and development ,manufacture,sell to integrative modernized enterprises already now.We possess a high quality scientific research staffs already and a set of perfect quality certification systems.In order to guarantee and offer the high quality and suitable price products and service continually, we insist on making 5﹪ sale income investment in research and development field. Our company devotes to implement continuously and healthy development among domestic and foreign market’s competition, and makes a contribution to the line of agriculture plants protection machine and the whole social economy and culture development.
    Haishun Machinery(Tai Zhou) Co.,Ltd.
    Add:Shi Zhu Industry Area, Sanjia Street, Jiaojiang, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China Tel:86-13867686368 Fax:0576-89056108

    E-mail: sales@cnhaishun.com     manager@cnhaishun.com
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